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HPD Breaking & Entering

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We Are The ChampsReaktor Productions
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Two Police Officers are on a collision course that will impact their careers forever. Detective Steven Brown and Officer Richard L. Butt must work together to accomplish one goal. The New York Senator's son is missing, and his last whereabouts were in Houston. Detective Brown must put his retirement on hold and visit The Lone Star State. Now, it's up to these two cops to settle their differences and solve this case. 

The Gallery

Detective Steven Brown has served 30 years on the force and now he's at all time low training rookie cops on the night shift. However, one forgettable night will turn his life upside down.

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Officer Butt 1A.jpg

Officer Richard L. Butt works for the Houston Police Department in Hobby Airport Baggage Claims. Although his current position is irrelevant he's very resourceful when duty calls.

Senator Wesley 2A.jpg

First, Senator Kevin Wesley plays high stakes with his life and career. Unfortunately for him, he plays with the wrong woman. Now, he's on the verge of losing everything and desperately attempts to save his life. Senator Wesley will learn that "to play with fire, you will get burn!"

Dr. Anderson 1A.jpg

Dr. Sharon Anderson is a renowned physician at Houston Medical Center. With her professional career at an all-time high, it's unfortunate that her personal life is in shambles. Now, with a broken heart, she believes revenge is a dish best-served cold.

Sergeant McCoy 1D.jpg

Sergeant Victor McCoy is a good man, a loving father and HARD ASS COP! He loves food trucks and chili dogs. However, the things he hates with a passion are out-of-town authorities and rookie cops. Unfortunately, his nightmare is about to come true.

NINE 1A.jpg

Reginald Hellscream, aka NINE, is a notorious drug dealer who plays by his own rules. He's dedicated to his family to a fault. However, when three teenage boys violate that commitment to NINE's family. They soon realize they fuck with the wrong man.

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