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Felton Young is the Owner and Founder for NBF Film Production. NBF Film Production has been in business for 10 years producing quality material that will inspire our communities for generations. Felton took his talent to acting school in Hollywood, LA, and Manhattan and became a student of the film industry. Soon afterward he wrote his first short film "The Last Minute" followed by his first feature film Priorities Chapter One. Now he prepares for his first ACTION/COMEDY HPD Breaking & Entering Block Buster Feature Film.

Our content is base on Biography Documentaries for celebrities and ordinary people that has done extraordinary things for society. Our feature films are heart filled, based on actual events and inspired by true stories. "I believe every person should have a fair chance and the opportunity to succeed in life. As a father of three children, it is my responsibility to be a positive role model and provide them the resources to be successful in life. I wanted to bring awareness to our communities on topics in America that has never been seen on film."


Production Lead and Crew must always maintain respect, accountability, and professionalism. We are diverse and support every culture and background. This will ensure our clients will get quality content at an affordable price. We're family and love each other's company. We also believe in having fun and enjoying what we do best. "Create, Perform, and Deliver!" 


Our screenplays and stories are inspired by real events that are meticulously written. Our Actresses and Actors are mentored and coached to perform at the highest level. Our Post Production team will edit and deliver all audio and video content to our distribution specifications. Let's create something special. 


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